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Monday, March 17, 2014

Cheesecake - Easy Indianized Version

The first time I ever heard of a cheesecake was when I watched the hit tv show FRIENDS, few years back. Rachel & Chandler (characters in the show) were relishing every piece of their neighbour's cheesecake and even fighting each other for the last piece (fans of this show must remember), that it made me wonder what a cheesecake was and made me yearn for a bite. Years later I got the chance to taste one and to be quite frank I was not much impressed.  But my hubby assured me that the one I ate was not the real cheesecake as he did have the original one when he was in the States (for official purposes). So I was disappointed and didn't bother to have any more.  

Now that I'm more involved in searching for recipes & cooking, I've seen many bloggers posting their recipes of cheesecakes, that it got me wanting to try one of my own.  While browsing through different recipes, I found out almost all of them required cream cheese, and I was not particularly interested in using it. Then I found out this recipe and I loved it. Here, paneer/cottage cheese and yoghurt is used instead of the cream cheese. I tried it and it turned out good.  May not be the exact taste but it was good enough. As the recipe states - a version that suits cheesecake lovers of India.

Note : In the original recipe, jam is used as the topping. I've substituted it with chocolate cream (grated chocolate plus fresh cream).